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13 Ağustos 2010 Cuma

ABOUT HONEY .. Handy Tips

ABOUT HONEY .. Handy Tips

All bee-bee species is the name of Turks. Turks in Anatolia for the first time are believed to start using the word bee.

According to Mahmud of Kashgar un understandable explanation Turks were saying initially oil, honey bees. Later, the western Turks (Oghuz, Kipchak, Suvarlar ,...) honey began to say. Bala Chinese Uighurs, Tokharca or mir mir mir, believed that was the origin of the name was used.

Anatolia has played an important role in feeding honey s is final. Çatalhöyük in the floral decorations on the walls were painted insects. Us that our days of 8-9 thousand years ago in Anatolian bees gather honey from flowers is known that show. Anatolian honey as they say they love the people, they use it as a compliment that. This indicates that the value of honey of Anatolian.

The Ottomans were removed from the many tax law took honey and bee hives. They also set up the first trade center of Istanbul by the Ottomans in the Egyptian market with a honey-trap was also among the Tahtakale. Where honey is weighed, taxed, go to the palace to be sold to public surplus would be distributed. (Kapan, jacket comes from Arabic. Outerwear means the scales).

Our ancestors used honey as a food rather than to protect against illness, cure, healing power and resistance in the period were considered as donors. Are forgotten by the presence of glucose, as was, though, value is understood to have started again to replace the old.

Honey who do not know when and how you found out. But the bee is about 30 million years and that since then with the same diligence to know you are honey. People knew of honey, collected in the province of Valencia in Spain indicate that the most ancient documents found in caves Bicorp has also Arana. Research, collect honey in the walls of the cave's 16 thousand years ago, the girl who made the picture shows. Today, as well as primitive tribes living in what they believe in the sanctity of the honey, they give an important place in religious ceremony would follow.

The Hittites, the Sumerians, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks, many of the old culture is using honey as a medicine, physicians have a reputation in history as the panacea that is seen as acceptable. Written in cuneiform Hittite in 4000 before the day of their land board knew we learn beekeeping. Sumerians and Hittites in plates of recipes using honey and other diseases are involved. Smith Papyrus also prepared with honey are faced with many prescriptions. The mouth of the pyramid not an airtight sealed jars of honey and queen bee Hepçesut s coat of arms have been found, evidence of the Egyptians was honey are great value. Honey is a powerful antidote to the Roman physicians believed. Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Arab doctors have used honey for eye diseases.

Hippokrates air and water, and his wife are dear friends, all were used against diseases. Asklepiades, the mental and neurological diseases were used. Plinius, and many physicians Dioskorides alone against various diseases, herbal mix or syrup, used as they see the ointment.

Bala is also included in the religious books. Bible, Matthew 3.4 "to eat locusts and wild honey was of John," he has written. Koran, Sura 16 68, 69 "belly of the fish in various colors that bring healing to the people out" the Torah, the Jewish people from the streets of the country is committed to honey and milk flow.

The common name for several varieties of honey is honey. From studies of bee hives go away showed up to 10 km. This honey is very close to property and vegetation indicate tighter connection. Many beekeepers hives for honey from every direction rich changes in the location specified period. Especially in hot regions with a hot start of the plateau to the shells are removed.

Bal forest (pine) and flower honey is separated into two:

Or pine forest, pine varieties of honey bees by collecting a large portion of his calf.

The honey of flowers can be divided into two. The various flowers that honey bees by collecting a large amount of honey he collects from a particular flower. To be called a special flower honey Honey Honey is the name given in the plant's çiçektozundan must have at least 45%. This spring, they were called probably indicates the characteristics of the plant health risks. This feature is directly proportional to the rate of plant pollen increases.

Mixed flower honey, general strengthening and enhancing the power of resistance, as well as astmaya, bronchitis, hay fever are also recommended against.

Special spring: Many name may be listed in the lower bottom. A few examples:

Linden honey: Nerve soothing, relieving insomnia, ... property and light is fragrant.

Mint, honey: the preventive intestinal gas, colic and solvent, the pancreas removed Builder, digestive, ... There are features. Are rich in essential oils.

Kuşdili honey: the healing of liver disease, digestive disorders have remedial properties.

Orange honey: Nerve sedative, cramps caused by solvent properties are used in nervous diseases.

Among special honey honey crazy in our country that everyone knows can be counted. Bitter astringent taste when eaten very little, this honey is good for nervous disorders, it is eaten, causes paralysis in central nervous system. Poisoning, nausea, vomiting, and it presents itself. The yellow flowers that bees Azelea pontica L. and red-flowered Rhodedonderon ponticum L. Why is self-collected plants.

Storing honey: Honey is the most important changes in the crystallization of glucose, honey is the loss of fluidity. Candied with honey crystallization of other people mentioned are misunderstandings between. Of candied honey is natural that the most important evidence. Candied edible honey. Winning the honey flow, the disappearance of candied honey jar with approximately 3 hours (or any glass container), 50 degrees is enough to keep warm in a water bath. Below 0 degrees too hot and cold honey causes the loss of many values. Honey should not be stored in refrigerator. Is also sensitive to light or interior light-resistant container should be placed in a glazed jar. Moisture in the air, absorb odors from around the honey pot of the mouth should be closed to not airtight. Open containers of foam on the honey begins.

Honey control: 70% from a bottle into the 100 you put the old block with alcohol and 50 grams of honey, rinse thoroughly. If it dissolves in alcohol without honey, is natural. If the container of a white residue, is not natural.

Within a few substances: is rich in minerals. To within 3% of the minerals is approaching. Copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, silicon and sodium.

Organic substances: Acetic acid (vinegar acid), formic acid (formic acid), lactic acid (lactic acid), sihisik acid, apple acid, glyco acid.

Inorganic substances: Phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid.

Candy: flowers in the bay from the surrounding environment (plants) that are specific, except sugar, glucose (dektroz), fructose (levüloz), maltose.

Vitamins: Honey, this aspect is not rich. However, in the B1, B2, B6, pantothen acid, nikotonik acid, folic acid, vitamin C is very small. Vitamins in fruits and vegetables after a while they lose their value. For example, collected 24 h after vitamin C in spinach, halved. Vitamins in fruit, they also lose value more slowly, the result will not change. All the vitamins in honey stored in the prescribed format as long as they do not lose anything of value.

Enzymes: There are many enzymes in honey. Glucosexidase is the most important of these enzymes. Oxygen in the air with the help of this enzyme, acid and glucose hidrojenperoksite dials. This makes it possible to store honey for a long time, increases the resistance power. Hidrojenperoksit is a good germ killer (antiseptic). Bacillus bacillus to survive in honey vary according to time. "Honey, even today, many substances have been analyzed."

Honey in the treatment of many diseases is applied alone or as mixtures. Of tea is usually sweetened with honey önerihir. Increases of at least two times the power of tea. Priority must be given to the flower honey as a sweetener.

Allergic to honey: there are showing allergic Bala. Non-itchy rash when they eat or who poured acne, stomach pains, or find people who are seeing. Or half a day k.k. honey mixed with water for a long time to gain internal coherence of the body and the stomach can be achieved. Measures will be gradually increased. Pollen in honey can also cause allergies. In this case, region or type of honey should be changed. For example, instead of flowers, honey, pine honey. If allergies to continue all efforts, not other way of not eating.

Then only honey bees is very useful to think of a creature both wrong and an injustice would be made against the bees. Bees from the comb (wax), arısütünden, collects çiçektozlarından, propolisinden, venom is exploited. Is a drink made from honey called also met.

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